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Kids with Capes

What Professionals Say

Off The Chart Kidz! believes that every child deserves to feel special and unique. That's why we cater to your child's individuality and character. Read how the Off The Chart! program has helped parents, teachers, and professionals.

Vandana Rao, MD, MPH

Board Certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

Off the Chart! is an exceptional concept. It stimulates Academic learning, provides positive reinforcement for good Behaviors, helps build character and facilitates kids to meet their motor, social and language developmental milestones. For kids that struggle with low self-esteem, shyness, anxiety and oppositional issues the program helps encourage better behaviors, aids in boosting their self- confidence and strengthens their good decision-making ability in a very gentle age-appropriate manner. Kids learn early that they are in control of their behaviors and that good behaviors are rewarded.
Furthermore, it sows the seeds for a good moral compass. The program allows kids to understand their strengths and build on them; it provides them encouragement and instills a love for learning. I highly recommend Off the Chart! to all those who partake in caring for the young ones.
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