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The Story Behind Off The Chart!

I decided to create this book and learning material because I developed this with my own children and I wanted to share my success in the learning process.  The genesis of The Off The Chart Program developed in my classroom to help my students learn and be courteous.  This has been a useful tool for parents and teachers alike through the years.

The Creation Of Off The Chart Kidz!


The story of Zeke was born in the classroom when the alphabet chart that runs horizontally in letter panels across the wall in her room was not long enough to include the Z because her desk covered the panel. Zeke, the Alphabet Zebra that hides under Ann’s desk, inspired her to write Off the Chart! The Amazing Story of the Alphabet Zebra. The Alphabet Zebra acts as a loving aide to teachers and parents by helping bring imaginative fun, encouragement, and discipline to young learners.

What Began as a Classroom Behavior and Reading Aide, the Off the Chart! Package contains an approach to elementary, reading, academics, socializing, love, care positivity and manners. You use the program that best suits your child's learning style. There are many ways to make Off the Chart! work in a fun and positive way to create a better environment in schools and at home. Make sure your child's zebra is ready to work and play!

Happy Learning!


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