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Welcome to
Off The Chart! 

The Amazing Story of the Alphabet Zebra

ZingZang, Zoom!

Zeke the paper zebra wants to be more than a picture on an alphabet chart in Miss Davis's class.

Everyday her students go over the alphabet, learning about all the sounds each letter makes. The letters are represented by animals, and for Z there is Zeke the zebra! Zeke longs to jump off the paper and do more for the students, and one day, he gets his wish.


Through the power of love and with help from a sweet student, Zeke is off the chart—a stuffed animal to cuddle by day, and a real live zebra by night!

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Zeke & Friends

Join Zeke in Off the Chart! The Amazing Story of the Alphabet Zebra as he lives his dream, leaving kind and supportive notes to motivate the students to be better every day while encouraging kindness, helpfulness, and the importance of following your passions.


Join Zeke & His Friends Now!

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Read The Book

  • It tells the story of Zeke the first alphabet zebra

  • The book shows how all alphabet zebras come alive to help


Display Your Alphabet Chart

  • The alphabet chart is located on the last page of the book

  • The story of Zeke has ended but your story with your best friend is about to begin

  • The chart is activated because your zebra has jumped off the chart

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Name Your Zebra & Start Your Friendship!

  • Your zebra, like Zeke, is a stuffed animal in the day and works at night

  • Your zebra likes to be read to, held, and hugged

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